3 Traits brides must look in their photographers!


If you’ve ever planned a wedding, helped a friend plan a wedding, or even dreamt of the day you would begin your own planning, you know that a major element of this process is selecting a photographer. While it may seem like just another administrative responsibility to add to your list, finding a photographer who will be the perfect fit for your wedding is no small task. The person behind the camera can be the difference between a lifetime of seeing these moments in the bedside table frame, or allowing them to collect dust in a cheap album somewhere behind those DVDs no one uses anymore. Yikes! This is exactly why we have compiled a list of must-have traits in your photographer, just for YOU!

1. Willing to Build a Relationship With Their Couples

If your photographer is only worried about having a quick meet and greet with you before launching into a detailed explanation of their pricing, packages, and expectations for you, put the breaks on that! Photographing someone’s wedding is no small task or responsibility, and any photographer worth his or her salt knows that it’s about so much more than the dotted line. When selecting the perfect person to capture your most valued moments, make sure he or she cares about the vision you’re casting, the memories you want to hold on to, and the little details you’re working hard on. Keep an eye out for photographers who remind you of someone you trust and care about. Will they be able to hold a conversation with uncle Mike while they’re standing outside the bridal suite waiting for you? Will they really make you laugh for those genuine laughing photos that every wedding party needs? Most importantly, are they more concerned with the outcome of these photos because they want you to love them forever, or because they want to receive compensation? Your photographer is going to be a very present person at your wedding, someone you and your guests will likely remember. Make sure it’s someone who can create fond memories with you!

2. Cares About Proper Communication

A wedding is complicated enough without the added stress of miscommunication. Make sure that when you’re choosing someone to take pictures and/or videos for your big day, you choose someone who is a skilled and careful communicator. So many details go into the selection and execution of each of your desired wedding shots; it’s imperative that your photographer is able to communicate with you not only on the big day, but also the days and weeks leading up to it. Making sure that your photographer is a good communicator may seem difficult to determine right off the bat, but ask yourself this: were they on time and prepared to meet with you? Did they have an easy-to-understand and concise explanation of their services? It’s also important to remember that communication is not just speaking, but listening. Did they offer their ear to you and ask you important questions about how you want your day captured? If a photographer is a poor communicator up front, that may be an indication for you that it’s time to keep looking for someone who is more adept in the art of sharing and listening.

3. Willing to Work With Your Budget

Budget is a sticky but necessary consideration for brides when picking a photographer. While it may be tempting to hand uncle Mike the camera and ask your guests to hashtag their photos for you to see, remember that wedding day is only one day to get photos that you can enjoy every day for the rest of your lives. That’s a lifetime of frames on the bedside table, Christmas cards, pictures for your wallet, and family portraits over the mantle. You definitely don’t want to look at uncle Mike’s finger in the upper corner of the photo for the next 50 years. So, while it is important for YOU to have a reasonable budget, it is also important for your photographer to be willing to work with you on this budget, but your budget must be reasonable, remember you are hiring a professional. Their bottom line is likely flexible depending on the number and complexity of shots you want. Do you need your photographer there all day, or only half day? Are you wanting posed family portraits, or mainly candids of the big day? These are questions to ask yourself and discuss openly with your photographer (see point #2) when setting the perfect and fair price for your wedding photos.

We know that there are a million things running through your mind at this moment as you look forward to planning your wedding. Take a deep breath, grab some coffee or tea, and envision how you want that bedside table photo to look. As you’re considering potential photographers, keep that image and these 3 points in mind. Above all else, remember to keep uncle Mike on the dance floor, not behind the lens.

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