3 Reasons to Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding


Let’s be honest: if you’re a bride you probably have your photographer already booked and are looking to possibly hire a videographer if your budget allows it. Videography, or what I like to call a “cinematic highlight reel,” is what I provide to my clients when I am hired. Most often than not, videographers are the last one to be hired. So, in this blog I want to talk about three reasons why you should hire a videographer for your wedding day.


1.  Wedding Video Tells a Story

I love pictures, and if you’ve heard of the phrase a “picture is worth a thousand words”, then imagine what a video is worth. Our cinematic highlight reel provides the experience of telling a story from the outside in. It gives you the opportunity to reflect back on it with your husband or wife as if you were a guest. Being married myself and having gone through my own wedding, you just don’t have enough time to soak it all in! Videography allows you to experience and treasure the emotions that your husband or wife were experiencing while you were kept away till the ceremony. You get to re-live that moment by either hearing the crackles in their voice, seeing their eyes begin to swell with tears of joy when you first see each other at the altar, ready to make the commitment of a lifetime. Most importantly it’s a video that is tailored to demonstrate the qualities of why YOU love each other. It’s designed specifically for you two!


2.  Destination Wedding

If you're having a destination wedding, you must have a videographer! Just imagine traveling and only taking pictures of where you went but not having any cool aerial drone footage of where you got to experience your magical day! A cinematic highlight reel provides a unique perspective of how you got to explore and experience the most magical day of your life! Also, it’s a great way for your family members and friends to re-live that moment with you if they weren't able to be there. Plus, it’s a bonus when one of your favorite aunts or uncles decide to spoil you with a new 4k TV so you can host the cinematic highlight reel at your new place.


3.   Appreciation for everyone involved

Lastly, a wedding goes by so fast and you often don't have the time to really appreciate everyone’s hard-work and effort that was needed to make your day stunning. It’s an opportunity to see the hard work your florist, day-of-coordinator, venue, DJ and many others put forth. As a videographer, I have to be in contact with all the other vendors to make sure I get the video-shots and audio so your story can be told. Without their efforts it becomes practically impossible to create a great story-telling video. Additionally, it allows you to reflect back on your decision to hire the right vendors for your once in a lifetime day.

Currently Planning a Wedding?


Check out this awesome wedding video we had the privilege to film for Dana & Benji. They came all the way from Chicago, IL to Tampa, FL for their destination wedding at the Oxford Exchange. This is their full cinematic highlight reel of their special day!

One of my favorite, and most challenging weddings of all time! I had the privilege to both photograph, and film in Wheatfield, Indiana. This a small teaser video to let you feel what I got to experience filming for Raquel, and Adam. Also, I’ll be back later this year, but in Goshen, Indiana for round 2 in Oct. 2019.