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10 Date Night Ideas to To Melt Away the Wedding Planning Stress

They say that every little girl grows up dreaming about her perfect wedding (we have mixed thoughts on this, but that’s another blog for another day), but no one has ever said, EVER, that every little girl grows up dreaming about the long hours, tight wallet, and late nights that go into planning that dream wedding. Trust me, I checked. It’s just a fact of the game that planning is stressful and will take a toll on everyone involved. While wedding planning is generally attributed to the bride, rather than the groom (again, another blog for another day) (I’m serious, it’s on the way), the stress can weigh heavily on both sets of shoulders. It sinks into the couch between you, nuzzling in, getting comfortable, taking up all the blankets, leg room, and popcorn during your movie. It makes itself at home, sometimes to the point that it becomes an unwelcome, even unnoticed, houseguest after a long enough stay. Stress is toxic. Nothing sucks the life out of a carefree, spontaneous romance quite like looking over budgets and solidifying a guest list. In fact, many couples will find that the actual logistics of planning a wedding tend to overcast the joy of being engaged. It’s definitely no fun to be newly engaged, excited for a life together, but caught in the web of stress that surrounds wedding planning.

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3 Must Do’s For the Bride Who Wants the Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding is perhaps one of the biggest, most daunting tasks you will ever undertake. There are a million plates to spin, and only one of them has cake on it! If you’re a bride wondering where to begin, we’ve given you the top 3 things you need to do first to get your wedding on track.

You might find yourself thinking “yeah, I knew that already,” but think again! We’ve broken down not only the whats, but also the whys of each essential element of getting your wedding started. Between contracting the perfect coordinator, finding the best venue for your vision, and finding a photographer that is worth every penny, we have all the tips and tricks you’ll need to get ahead on your big day. If you think you don’t need a coordinator or a real photographer (Uncle Mike can do it… right?), think again! The people you bring along on this journey will be the most important part! So settle in, grab a cup of a tea and a notepad, and get ready for some serious wedding wisdom.

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