Capture lasting memories

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Your search is on for the perfect professional to capture your dream wedding.

The film, the photos, the moments that will be on mantles and holiday cards for years to come, these are the things you think about as you search for the person who will tell your story. If you’re looking for someone who shares an appreciation for the moody tones, elegant color schemes, and innovative creative representation of each detail, Sundial Creatives would be honored to partner with you. Our vision for our 2020 weddings is simplicity, class, and intentional design. We are humbled and excited by the opportunity to celebrate and dream with you as you look forward to such an important occasion as your wedding.


“I highly recommend Sundial Creatives! Javi and his crew were amazing! They did a phenomenal job on our photos and video for our wedding! I have received tons of compliments on both the photos and video. They were personable and made sure me and my husband were stress free and happy on our big day!”

-Nicole B


Sundial Creatives is comprised of a small, close-knit team of creatives of all trades. We are experts in photography, videography, content creation and development, editing, and writing. Individually, we cannot do it all, but together, we have learned to lean on the strengths of one another in order to give our clients the most comprehensive services we can provide. We value communication, both within our team and between our team and our clients. We value diligence and work hard to get everything done on time as promised. We value integrity and can guarantee that people who book Sundial Creatives are booking a team of honest people who will never cut corners or hide behind hidden surprises and fine print. We value relationships and creativity, which is why we work so hard to over deliver and exceed every expectation. Our couples quickly become our family, and we genuinely enjoy each communication with brides and grooms throughout the planning process. Something that has been important to us since day one is growth, which is why in 2018 we began finding new ways to resource our couples with more than just the basic photography and videography needs.

We provide other resources as well, such as our wedding planning guide checklist and our blog that features new posts monthly about all things wedding planning. Finally, we value individuality, which is why we love capturing each detail, big or small, of your wedding that represents the unique qualities that you have. Your wedding is a celebration of you, and we work hard to give you a cinematic reel and a photo gallery that are true to who you are.

 Just as you are searching, we too are searching. While we are honored by each inquiry and request for our services, we most eagerly await those calls from couples who share our style. We believe firmly in the artistry that is wedding photography and videography. Anyone can hold a camera, aim, shoot, record. What we offer is much more. At Sundial Creatives, we respect this medium of art too much to take it lightly. It is our hope that our couples would share our admiration for the art form. We have found that working with such couples makes our jobs twice as fun, easy, and rewarding, because couples who love the art are able to see themselves as art.

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We JUST finished editing an incredible wedding we shot last month and we're in love! Can't wait to share a few of our favorites with you guys!
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 Ready to tie the knot?

Above all else, we believe in the relationship between photographer/videographer and client. When you book with Sundial, you can be stress free because you know that you are working with a solid team of dedicated professional creatives. More than a business, Sundial Creatives is an opportunity for us to hone our gifts, stretch our capabilities, and find new and beautiful ways to represent you and your loved one to the world. We run on passion. We live for the unique, fun, spontaneous couples who are down for anything during a photoshoot. When we build relationships with new clients, we seek to serve them in any way they need. This is why in 2018, we have challenged ourselves to find new ways to support couples in the middle of wedding planning madness. You are more than a client when you book with Sundial Creatives, you are valued, respected, and heard. We cannot wait to meet you and begin working together.